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10 pictures from Serbia


10 pictures from Serbia that will blow your mind

Serbia has numerous sights that wake up all your senses and take your breath away. From the fascinating canyons, beautiful gorges, imposing waterfalls, over the infinite mountain views and clear lakes. Vivid landscapes are easy to find, but it is hard to separate any one of them. Still, we’ve tried to choose some of the most beautiful just for you. Enjoy!


Spreading at over 63,000 acres of plant and animal abundance of priceless value and beauty, Đerdap National Parkis also known as the Iron Gates of the Danube. Gorges, canyons, river valleys and over thousand caves of extraordinary beauty are hidden on the right bank of the river, from the Golubac fortress to the ancient fort of Diana.

Djerdap Gorge

Photo: Irene Becker, Flickr.com

This harmony of the most beautiful and most remarkable gorge on the Danube makes the visitors feel as if they stepped into another world. Into the world of cultural and historical sites such as Lepenski Vir and Golubac city, where people lived for thousands of years – according to the archaeological findings.

Stara planina

Vast areas of green, fresh air and a number of warm springs of mineral water are the features of Stara planina (Old mountain ie. the Balkan mountains), a mountain range stretching across two countries.

Stara planina

Picturesque beauty 330 kilometers from Belgrade makes Mt. Stara planina the most beautiful part of Eastern Serbia and it was declared a natural treasure of great importance. This mountain is known for its mild climate, clean air, springs of hot mineral water, while the park “Stara planina” spreads on 142.000 acres.


For centuries the Danube, the second largest river in Europe, has been the border between Serbia and the Austro-Hungarian Empire, at the same time dividing symbolically the East and the West.


Today, this mighty river connects people rather than divides them. The Danube flows through ten countries, and mighty ancient fortresses and big modern cities on its banks make it one of the most desirable cruising destinations in Europe. Cruising on the Danube in Serbia visitors can see seven large fortresses and some of the most beautiful cities in Serbia.


Before it became a significant tourist complex of natural curiosities, Uvac was known only as the name of the riverZlatibor, and river Zlatar, characterized by beautiful canyon and deep riverbed.

UvacSpecial charm to this beautiful canyon of the river, give the curving meanders of the river Uvac. These are a natural convolutions that are made due to many years of the river punching trough the limestone rock. Meanders of the river Uvac resemble a maze, and in some places turns at an angle of 270 degrees. They seem unreal, like all the works of the patient builders, from which the nature is the very best.

Tara Mountain

Mount Tara with endless evergreen and deciduous forests, lush pastures and vast meadows is one of the most beautiful corners of Serbia. Thus no wonder that the old Slavic God Tar had chosen Mt. Tara for his home. According to the legend, the mountain was named after him.

Tara Mountain

Photo: Serglu_TM, Flickr.com

Tara is located in Western Serbia near Zlatibor and Mokra Gora, and it presents an area of exceptional natural beauties. It is the perfect destination for relaxation and recreation.

Tupavica Waterfall

The fascinating Tupavica Waterfall is settled in a vicinity of Dojkinci village at 1050 m above the sea level and represents the fairy tale image of nature and a hidden jewel in the heart of Stara planina.

Tupavica Waterfall

This waterfall captivates throughout the year, but it is one-of-a-kind experience seeing this natural phenomenon in winter, when water completely freezes, and it turns into the ice wall.

Devil’s town

Devil’s town is located in Southern Serbia, on mount Radan not far from the town of Kuršumlija. It comprises of more than 200 stone formations, 2 to 15 meters high and up to 3 meters wide, with strange stone caps.

Devil's town

Photo: Radiša Živković

Tall stone formations of Djavolja Varoš (eng. Devil’s Town) that are actually a group of petrified wedding guests, or at least that is what a legend tells, were nominated for one of the New seven wonders of nature.

Golubac fortress

The Golubac fortress, also know as “The Guardian of the Danube”, is located on the right bank of the Danube, at the entrance to the Iron Gates. No one stays indifferent before the beauty, strong walls and turbulent history of this Danubian belle.

Golubac fortress

Photo: Pan Majster, Flickr.com

The first written mention of the origin of the fortress dates from 1335., but the exact time when this small fortified city was built – remains unknown to this day.

Lonely House on Drina River

For centuries a place where the East and the West clashed, today the unusually green, clear, winding and powerfulDrina river carries the merriest regattas on its waves through exciting nature, for which it became the favorite destination of bohemians and adventurists.

Lonely house on Drina river

The Drina enters Serbia strengthened by the force of the Lim river that flows into it just before the border creating the Medjedjanska gorge, one of two largest gorges on this river.

Ovčar-Kablar Gorge

Thanks to the marvelous flow of the untamable river West Morava, the dense vegetation that adorns the mountains Ovčar and Kablar, therapeutic springs and monasteries which are scattered on the their slopes, Ovčar – Kablar Gorge is one of the most beautiful parts of Serbia.

Ovčar-Kablar Gorge

Photo: Vladimir Mijailović

At the place where the natural and cultural resources create harmony, West Morava decided to show how wonderful nature is. Not fearing the steep massifs of Ovcar and Kablar Mountains, she boldly broke through the impressive cliffs and left three unique meanders behind.

Which one is your favourite?

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